DIY “Gold” Champange Flutes

 First off I totally missed the “What I Wore Wednesday”
but I am still going to share anyway:

Dress: Target (old)
Boots: Charlotte Russe (old)
Belt: Express (accessory to another dress)
Messenger Bag: Gifted (unknown)
As most of you may know I am engaged. We are about 6 months out from our wedding date and am really starting to gather everything together and start checking things off the list.
To Do List:
-Bridesmaids picked as well as their dresses
-Ceremony/Reception Venue
-Hotel reservations
-Wedding Website 
-Porter’s ring
-Invitations, RSVP, thank you cards, etc.
-Photographer – (AKA PHOTOGRAPHY)
 -Pick out the groomsmen tuxes
-Order programs
-Order Garters
My last task is my absolute biggest, and definitely the one that causes me the most anxiety. I am doing 90% of my ceremony decor myself, for the fact that 
A.) It saves me tremendous amounts of cash money
 B.) I like it that way.
As I was thirfting on Saturday I came across these long, elegant and like 3 dollar champagne glasses. I saw this as a perfect chance for me to check off the first project on my list.
Personalized Champagne Toasting Flutes
I headed on over to Honestly WTF! and followed her awesome tutorial for 
I LOVE me some gold, and of course it’s one of our wedding colors.
I started out with some plain ole’ clear flutes

 Some painters tape, gold spray paint, and a zip lock baggie later.

 Two things I did that were not part of the tutorial were:
1. Add Mr. & Mrs. with scrapbook stickers
2. Spray a light layer of clear coat of spray paint to protect the stickers and the “gold” look.
I absolutley adore them, and the fact that they only cost me maybe $5.00.
When you are a bride on a budget, it never hurts to just TRY, you may love the outcome.

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