Weekend Wrap Up: 6th Edition  


 Carly over at Lipgloss & Crayons suggested.
I bought.
So far, I love!
 I got a new laptop last weekend, so OF COURSE P had to get one too.
 I may or may not have done some marketing at local Staples.
“Super Saturday Football”
3 T.V.(s)
3 big games.
1 living room.

Lots of beer,
and friends.
FSU lost.
P had a slight meltdown.
Sunday Cleaning Day

Which always involves a showdown between Tally & the Vacuum
& Laundry, dishes, and dusting.
P took me out on a Day Date.

My fave fro-yo, Yogurtology
& Taken 2.
It was soo good.

I colored my hair.
One of my classiest looks if I must say so myself.

Winded down by becoming caught up on Pretty Little Liars.
3 seasons in 3 weeks (obviously I have a very exciting life)
and catching up on this weeks blogs.


 The Owl Mug & Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway
ends in a couple days, make sure you get your entries in:)
How was your weekend, and Super Saturdays?!
#YOLO, Meet-Up, Update, Life Lately

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