First Things First: A Link-Up

Today I am teaming up with Ms. Halie to bring you the 1st Edition of  First Things First!

Each week we will discuss our awkward, funny, weird, random and embarrassing firsts!
So grab the button, spread the word, and link up with us!

What was your first Job? 
The one and only time I ever and will ever work in the fast food business, I was 15 years old, and I worked at Dairy Queen.
I remember the day my parents told me I had to get a job, and growing up in a small town with no car it left me with the option of McDonalds, Dairy Queen, or the liquor store, and since I was obviously not 18. My only choices was flippin’ greasy hamburgers or mastering the art of the dip cone. Since I am a HUGE ice cream fanatic the choice was obvious.
I took me FOREVER to learn how to perfect the perfect cone, I hated doing dishes, we were insanely busy for the fact that we were only 1 of the 2 restaurants in our town, I hated going home smelling like waffle cones every night, BUT I met one of my absolute best friends at that job and to this day we are closer than ever, she is even apart of my wedding 7 years later!
Even though it was gross and the second we got a coffee shop in our town I left that job faster than a blink of an eye. It was quite the experience!

First Car?
I was VERY blessed by my parents with my first car.
I got a 2002 Mustang Convertible. White with a black top. Oh, my goodness was she a beaut!
Now even though my parents helped me obtain the car, I was fully responsible for it’s monthly payments, insurance, and gas money. I worked 2 jobs for that car and I absolutely adored it!

3 short months after I got it, I totaled it!
I was talking to someone in the backseat and not paying attention to my surroundings I smashed in to a SUV in front of me.
Long story short; I learned my lesson, and to this day I STILL miss my car!

First Date?
My first date I was in 9th grade! Thinking about it now, I do not understand why I was going out on dates in 9th grade, but than again if I ever did anything wrong it would have been back to my parents in less than 5 minutes for the sheer fact that I grew up in a town the size of a shoe.
anyway, I was in 9th grade and my date was a junior, with his license. I definitely thought I was the coolest thing ever, he took me to our tiny city carnival where of course everyone saw us and I got a text from my friend 5 towns over asking me “are you dating so and so”. The joys of living in SUCH A small city, the list is endless. It was incredibly awkward first date, but I embrace awkward in all it’s glory so first dates NEVER got me nervous. After introducing our date to the “world” we went to a a bonfire with all of our mutual friends, where I pulled the mean girl card and really hit it off with his best friend, who I than dated for the rest of my years of high school. I hate that I was so mean, but we stayed really good friends, and even attended the same college and lived in the same apartment complex, and still keep in touch to this day. Sometimes the mean girl card isn’t as bad as you think.
just REALLY mean.

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