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Since Hallie is planning her very own dream wedding, I thought I might share a little about my wedding. My husband and I got married not so long ago on June 1, 2012. It was an awesome day but goodness gracious weddings are quite the ordeal to plan! Are they not?! Colors, cake, music, dress…soooo many decisions. And if you’re paying for the wedding yourself, you’re probably watching those dollar signs closely.

Though my husband and I were blessed by some sweet monetary gifts/donations for the wedding, the bulk of it was on us. We planned our $7000 wedding mostly ourselves and did a pretty good job if I can be so bold.   So today I thought I’d share where we felt was our best spent money on the wedding.


They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, a picture may not totally describe the moment and everything rushing through you heart and mind on that great day but they certainly are important. The wedding flies by so fast! Those pictures remind you of all those little bits your eyes glanced right over. Find a photographer you like, you feel comfortable with, and has a good price for your budget. Our advice? Seek out the newbies! Photographers who are trying to break into the industry often will offer you great deals and I bet you’ll get great photos. I mean they’re bound to be better than Aunt Suzie snapping 500 on her smartphone…
Ah yes, video. The big debate in weddings…is it worth the money? My husband and I, had we had the budget for a fancy videographer probably would have paid every penny and been totally happy about it… you see my hubby is kind of a video/techy guy. As it was though, we didn’t have the funds for one of the fancy-smancy people that put together splendid videos set to romantic music, so we found an alternative solution. We chose to have our wedding in our church because, yes we love our church, but also because they have video cameras set up and ready to go! For a small additional fee, our church turned those deals on and bam…our wedding ceremony on video! We had a kind friend offer to edit for us and put a little something together for us and that was awesome and yes it was mom,dad, grandma, grandpa etc Christmas gift this past season. What am I trying to say? Point number one, try and choose a location that has the equipment all set up! It makes it easy. Point number two? If nothing else, get your wedding ceremony on video. The reception, the getting ready…yeah it’s fun but that’s not the most important part of your day. Get the ceremony…even if it is Aunt Suzie on her smart phone or video camera.

This is a mini-photo video my husband made,
set to the music I talk about below.
The above two are fairly common advice points for where to spend your money. This one might be highly personal to us but hands down it is one of my most favorite parts of our day.  No, I’m not talking about the DJ playing the best hip-hop so Aunt Suzie can dance her socks off. I’m talking about the music that will play as you walk down the aisle to make the forever and always promise to your best friend. It has become much more common to play something fun and personal as you walk down the aisle…the traditional wedding song just isn’t used as much anymore. I’m way on board with picking something more personal to you and your relationship but I miss the live performance of that lovely tune. My husband and I paid for a friend of mine who plays piano professionally to play Dawn from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (it’s that opening song if you’ve seen the movie…if you haven’t shame on you!). It was STUNNING. Not to mention, she was able to time it beautifully so that it lasted for all of our party to walk the aisle and to make it grander when I entered. I ADORED it…and now I want to listen to that version of the song more than the real one. Seriously, my friend is phenomenal (and if you live in OK or TX and need her, let me know). The live performance fills your space so much more and makes it all the more special…and I bet it leaves Aunt Suzie crying.
Pre-Marital Counseling

 I simply cannot encourage this one enough. It is absolutely pivotal, we think. My husband and I knew each other very well. We were best friends for over a year before we even dated, and then dated two half years before we got married but even we learned in our sessions. Plus your minister gets to know the two of you SO much better and your ceremony is lovely because his message about the two of you and his assurance about the two of you is strong and great. I wrote a lot more about this on my blog here. Besides it’ll leave Aunt Suzie just bawling by the end of your ceremony.
So that’s my spiel. Those are the areas we are most happy with the money we spent. Those are the areas I’m most pleased with in our wedding. If you want to learn more about how we spent our money check this post out, it’s all about how we budgeted and the tips/tricks that I learned do and don’t work.
If you want to check our DIYs, and other wedding details check that out here and here. I had a lovely friend help me with all my weddingness and my only hope is to help someone else as much as she helped me!
Hope you enjoyed my lengthy post on our best spent money for our wedding. I’d love to learn more about you so be sure to swing by Passion, Pink and Pearls and let me know you did.
You might even get to hear more about Aunt Suzie!
I kid, I kid…she’s make-believe

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