Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

Alright, ya’ll wanted pictures, and today your going to get some pictures!


The morning of my wedding I woke up at 3:30 am.
3 freaking 30 A M!

Was I little excited? probably. I personally think I was nuts.
Since I was sharing a suite with 5 other girls I couldn’t get up and keep myself busy with some tv, I couldn’t go grab something to help me sleep. I had to lay in bed and think about my upcoming nuptials. nerve wracking? yep.

One thing that always puts me to sleep when counting sheep doesn’t work, is music. I didn’t have any headphones near by, so I pressed my Pandora app and had my hand on the volume button ready to turn it down to the lowest notch in my attempt to NOT wake the other ladies sleeping around me.

While Pandora decided to install ads in their start up and disabled all my volume controls but proceed to blast Demi Lavato’s “Give Your Heart A Break” and I did exactly what I did not want to do. Woke up my bridesmaids from their beauty sleep.

They were just as excited as me, and even at 3:30 all of us were flaying around, jumping on the bed, screaming IT’S WEDDING DAY!!!!!

Like I said, nuts.

After being crazies, we finally fell back asleep for a few short hours but by 6 am, I just couldn’t contain my excitement ANY longer. I jumped outta bed,proceeded to the lobby to get my celebration Starbucks coffee, and headed back upstairs to prepare to prep for my BIG DAY!

So with out further ado…picture OVERLOAD! 

See what happens with a lack of sleep, ugly, sleepy, getting ready faces.
My Beautiful Baby Sister after hair and makeup!
Finished Product: Hair
My beyond wonderful Grammy & Me
My lovely ladies in their matching getting ready robes!

My lovely ladies (don’t mind our McDonalds cups and alcoholic beverages)            

My Maid of Honor, my gorgeous baby sister
There was one part of my getting ready routine that I had been preparing for awhile, something that would mean almost as much to me as marrying P, something that meant the world to me to share with my sister, who is no doubt, my best friend.
My grandfather asked my grandmother to marry him on September 17th, 1970, They were married the following August of 1971. 20 years to the day of their engagement September 17th, 1990 I was born.
If you have been a reader of my blog for some time now, you will know that the bond I shared with my grandpa was the bond of a lifetime. No one will ever hold a place in my heart like he did, and I still on daily basis deal with the overwhelming pain of his loss.
Even though he was unable to spend my wedding day with me, he made a promise to me before he died that he would always be by myside, and I felt him 100% on this day.
For my 21st birthday, my grandmother gave me her engagement ring that my grandpa had given to her over 31 years  ago the day. She had it reset and told me that it was to represent him and his presence in my everyday life.
From the day I recieved that ring, I never took it off. It was with me when I fell in love with Porter, it was with me when we bought our first house, it was with me when I adopted Tally, it was with me when Porter propsed, it stayed on my finger through every bridal event, and every hardship in between. 
The ring to me through the short 2 years I wore it meant nothing but my Papa guiding me through life, and on my wedding day not only was I calm about everything else, I was at peace with him not being there to spend the day with us, and I was at peace that he was in heaven watching over me.
I found my life with this ring, and before I became I wife, I wanted to pass it on to the one person who also fills my heart with nothing but joy, and who loved my papa, just as much as I did.
My baby sister.
These pictures will FOREVER be held close to my heart, and I will never forget the feeling of explaining to her what the ring meant to me, and how I was so honored for her to finally wear it.
After bawling our eyes out we were told to stick our tongues in our upper lip to stop us from ruining our makeup, thus the ugly faces!
The lovely staged awkward chatting picture. We were discussing our favorite jungle animal….

My Beauties!
My Grandma placing her Grandmother’s pearl necklace around my neck. It unfortunately broke in the process from being SO old, but I am still so happy to be able to share this special moment with her.
By far one of my favorite details of my wedding day. My Papa, walking me down the aisle. 
I hope I make him as proud as he ALWAYS made me.

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