Curing #NOtivation: GI Jayne Fitness Style  

Mal Smiles
Sometimes we have lonnnnng days at work, hectic days running errands, or days where we just don't want o leave our house. This is the KEY factor to #NOtivation, you just don't want to do ANYTHING especially workout.


What if I told you that you didn’t have to leave home to workout, what if I told you that you could head right home after work and STILL fit in your daily fitness routine.

Sounds great right?!?

Well, listen up because THIS is a great in the comfort of your home workout! 

or with your dog…

GI Jayne Fitness is a high intensity kickboxing workout that I personally have fallen in love with! As for my butt, thighs, arms, and core…well, they are still warming up to the idea. 

When Mal, Nikki and I were approached by this company to review their DVD we were super excited, but when I started learning more about the company and their story, it made me love it even more! Chris, the producer of the DVD approached Jayne one day after taking her kickboxing class in his local gym. He asked her if she would be interested in placing her extreme, and effective workout on a DVD. Jayne declined saying she was “too old” but was very appreciative of Chris’s belief in her..but a couple days later Jayne changed her mind, Chris had reminded her that you are never too old for fitness.

or too tired, too worn down, too busy, too stressted, too fat, too anything.
You are never too anything but READY for fitness.

Jayne, Chris, their story and their workout really encourage me to better myself and my passion for fitness. Honestly, nothing bad can come from a good workout, and the only bad workout you can have, is no workout at all.

So, are you sold yet?
Great, because Mal, Nikki, and I have 3 copies of GI Jayne Fitness to giveaway to 3 of our #NOtivation believers!
 just enter the rafflecopter giveaway and the winners will be announced next Tuesday! 

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don’t forget to join us every Tuesday with your own #NOtivation tips!

You never know you could inspire, including yourself.  

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