Curing #NOtivation: In/At Home Workouts


 Sometimes the gym can be an inconvenience to our fitness lives.  I get the urge to workout at 11 at night, but my gym is closed, or sometimes after work it is just too packed to move around.

So what does that leave us with? Actually, a tons of other options…

These are a couple of my favorite in/at home workouts:

1) Walk The Dogs
P and I try to walk the dogs every single night. After being cooped up in a house while we are at work the first thing they want to do is take a walk around the block. With the Florida heat they usually are short lived as I don’t want the dogs to get sick, or overheated, but once it cools down it becomes a 1 mile/2 mile walk every night. Keep pace and a movement and walking 2 miles will leave you feeling refreshed, and your dogs satisfied.

2) Fitness Games
2 Christmases ago we received a Kinect for our Xbox. The first game I bought was Zumba. I love it, and it gives me a crazy crazy sweaty workout. I love doing it when I am the only one home and can blast the music really loud and just move along. Do it for 45- 1 hour, and you will be set to go!                   

3) Free Weights & Resistant Bands
Sometimes this is just what I need to feel refreshed and that I did something little even on my workout days. Lay on a yoga mat and do simple reps for every part of your body! Simple things like a yoga ball, a couple 5-10 pound weights, and some resistant bands and you have your gym in your living room!

I am the first one to tell you that getting home after work makes me NOT want to leave at all. On days like these use these in/at home workouts to get your body pumped and working. A long walk followed by a couple curls, arm reps and a some butt lifts and you will be left feeling accomplished and you never even had to leave the house!

Link up with us your tips on how to Cure #NOtivation

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