Curing NOtivation: Pinterest Style

One of my favorite “secret weapons” when it comes to my setting my work out goals is Pinterest.
I use it to find new circuit workouts, healthy snacks, motivational quotes, even down to my workout fashions. The possibilities are just endless!I first set aside a board for all my “Curing #NOtivation” needs.

I pin anything that will help keep me motivated, informed, or unhungry!

but the best part about this board is when I am 30 minutes into my workout, tired, not feeling it, I just open up my board on my ipad/phone and I start scrolling through my quotes, photos of women before me who have pushed their bodies to the limit and it is than when the last thing I want to do is quit!

Pintrest for Fitness is my Curing #NOtivation lifesaver!

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