Curing #NOtiviation: GOALS, GOALS, GOALS.


Happy Curing #NOtivation Tuesday my fitness friends!

I needed to share this first and foremost because this is why we do this every week, to keep each other motivated! 


There was no prompt scheduled for today, just a day for all of us to link up our best fitness tips, recipes, weight loss journeys, and whatever else it is that floats our fitness boats.

Today I am going to be placing my goals for my 3 month program.

3 month program, you ask. Yes.

I am going to put myself on a program for the next 3 months that will hold me fully accountable for my fitness journey and the route I decide to take.
I’ve been feeling quite…”not to happy” with myself lately. I go to the gym a couple times a week, I walk the dogs once in awhile, and I eat like complete crap.
Those are statements I never want to say again.

I want to go to the gym as MUCH as I can a week. 7 days a week if my schedule allows.

I want to walk my dogs EVERYDAY, being cooped up in a house isn’t fun, and it’s not fair of me to be “tired” after work and not take them out for a much needed “break”

I WANT to eat healthy, staring like yesterday.

So I came up with goals and what I want to accomplish in the next few months. 

Month 1: 
 -Walk the dogs EVERYDAY for 30 minutes. They deserve it, and so do I.
 – Gym at LEAST 3 times a week. Yoga & Zumba EVERY Tuesday. It’s 2 hours worth of a workout, as well as branching out and meeting new people. #NOtivation instagram posts EVERYTIME I go to the gym, it holds me accountable for my visits/workouts, as well as help others along the way.
 -Eat Organic for 1 whole month. I took my first health food store visit, and learned SO much from my health coach. I did my first grocery shopping trip last Friday and have been doing AWESOME on trying new food, and keeping everything organic and fresh. 
 -Lose 5 pounds
 -Jog with one dog every other day (than walk the other) for an hour after work; workout. 
 – Gym at least 5 days a week (4 workdays, 1 weekend day) continue #NOtivation instagram posts.
-Try a Gluten Free health plan; Trial in error on what works/doesn’t work for my body
-Lose another 5/10 pounds
Month 3:
  -Start fully training for a 5k (goal: first 5k in January of 2014)
-Gym 6 days a week. Work hard for 6, and one FULL day of rest.
-Decide on a final lifestyle eating habit that works for me and allows me the up most energy and efficiency in my daily life activities.

What are your goals this month, next month, or this year?
link up with us below, or write about anything your fitness heart desires! 

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